After Placement of Dental Implants

Try not to disturb the wound. Avoid rinsing, spitting, or touching the wound on the day of surgery. There will usually be a silver healing extension (“abutment”) slightly showing through the gingiva (gums).  This is so that the gums may heal around it and still maintain access to the implant for the future tooth crown to be placed.


Slight bleeding or redness in the saliva is normal for a day or so. Excessive bleeding can be controlled by pressure through biting on gauze placed directly on the bleeding wound, for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues profusely, please call for further instructions.  This is extremely rare.


Mild to moderate swelling is common after surgery. To help minimize swelling apply an ice bag – or a plastic bag or thin towel filled with ice – on the cheek in the area of surgery. Apply the cold alternating fifteen minutes on, and five minutes off, as desired for up to two days.  NEVER add any dry or moist heat unless specifically directed by Dr. Miner to do so.


Drink plenty of fluids. Avoid hot liquids or food while still numb. Plan to have soft food and liquids for around 2-3 days. Return to a normal diet as soon as tolerated unless otherwise directed, being careful not to eat things such as nuts at the implant/abutment site.

Pain and Medicines

You should begin taking pain medication before the local anesthetic wears off.  Dr. Miner or his team will discuss your specific prescriptions and the directions. If there are any questions, simply call our office.

Do not take any medication that you are allergic to, or have been instructed by your doctor not to take it. Do not drive an automobile or work around machinery. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Pain or discomfort following surgery should subside more and more every day. If pain persists, it may require attention and you should call the office.


Be sure to take the prescribed antibiotics as directed to help prevent infection.

Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene is essential to good healing. Starting the day after surgery, use the prescribed Peridex Oral Rinse twice a day – swish for 60 seconds and spit.  Do this for a week. In addition, warm salt water rinses (one teaspoon of salt in a half cup of warm water) should be used at least 4-5 times a day as well, especially after meals, for a week as well. Brush your teeth and the healing abutments. Be gentle initially while brushing the surgical areas and progress to normal brushing over 1-2 weeks.


Keep physical activities to a minimum for +/- three days after surgery, easing back into it.  Keep in mind that you are probably not taking in normal nourishment. This may weaken you and further limit your ability to exercise or heal.

Wearing your Prosthesis

Partial dentures, flippers, full dentures, or temporary prostheses are best left unworn immediately after surgery and for 7-10 days, except if esthetic or functional purposes dictate otherwise.  They will often need an adjustment made either by Dr. Miner or a referring dentist so that they do not push on the implant or implant extender (abutment).  This will be discussed during your preoperative consultation.